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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do we begin?

Communication is the key to making this journey a manageable and enjoyable experience. At Perkins & Murphy, we review and explain the college process with both students and parents. Expectations, grades, budgets, distance are just a few of the things we discuss at the beginning of the process. We move-on from there with extensive questionnaires and assessments that help us become familiar with the student and her/his goals.

2. My SAT scores are not very good. Does that mean I can’t/shouldn’t go to college?

SAT scores are an important part of your admissions package; but they’re not the only part. There are other ways to measure academic achievement, and SAT’s can also be re-taken after completing preparation programs. Students with lower scores have options and that’s where Perkins & Murphy can help. We’ll work with you to identify those options.

3. How do I know what school(s) are right for me?

There are so many factors to consider: size, location, tuition cost, majors, just to name a few. Perkins & Murphy provides students with a comprehensive list of potential colleges based on our experience, and extensive interviewing and assessment of the student. It takes time, but it’s worth it!

4. How many colleges should I apply to?

It depends on you--but we like to have students apply to at least one or two schools in each of three categories on the list we develop together: reach, probable, and safety.

5. My parents say they make too much money to qualify for financial aid. Should we skip the FAFSA and the CSS/Profile?

NO! That could be a big mistake. Paying for college is often the parents’ biggest concern of the entire process. We make this information understandable, and we provide as much guidance as you need. Everyone’s situation is different-so let’s talk about this in person.

6. I already have colleges sending me information in the mail-does that mean they’ll accept me if I apply?

Nice thought, but no. Colleges send information to students for all kinds of reasons. These colleges know very little about you, unless you have contacted them.

7. In what grade should students and their parents start thinking about the college process?

Students should get serious about the process by the 11th grade, but there are things that 8th graders can do to prepare. Let’s look at where you are now—and create a plan.

8. What is the first question college admissions representatives ask you about the students you advise?

“Has the student maximized her/his high school experience?”
This is an important reason to work with Perkins & Murphy early in the college process. We address high school classes, activities, community service, employment—the complete student—so we can answer, “Yes, absolutely!”

9. Yes, I’m interested in having Perkins & Murphy help me through the college process, but I have more questions…

Perkins & Murphy offers a free, first-time consultation to students and their families. Please call 860.437.8219 to schedule a meeting with Betsy and Tim. We look forward to seeing you.

10. Do you offer payment plans for your programs? Do you accept credit cards?

Yes and yes! We will review payment options during our first meeting.


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