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We offer comprehensive, all-inclusive packages to students from 8th to 12th grade. Every student is unique, so every package is individually designed. The earlier a student begins to build an academic and social portfolio, the greater the advantage later on.

Getting Started

Getting to know each other is essential to success. We take the time to learn as much as possible about students and parents. To get started in this process, we:

  • Advise on high school courses, volunteer and leadership opportunities.
  • Review grades, scores, class rank.
  • Discuss expectations: Students and Parents
  • Information gathering: Students and Parents
  • Draft a plan for the next year.

The Search Begins

What is the student looking for in a college? What are the parents looking for?
The criteria for choosing a college are different for every student. We provide a comprehensive list of schools and make recommendations based on:

  • Location (distance from home)
  • Academic Requirements
  • School Size
  • Major Courses of Study
  • Athletics
  • Disabilities, Special Needs
  • Academic/Tutoring Services
  • Social Life
  • Activism, Special Interests
  • Reputation
  • Religious Affiliation
  • Cost

We divide the list into “Reach”, “Probable”, “Safety” categories and strategize next steps with the student/family.

Image Building

We help create a strategy that presents the student in the most positive light to college representatives.

  • The thirty-second commercial
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Journaling.
  • Interest/career inventories
  • Presentation skills
  • Interview coaching
  • Communication

The Essay

The essay is the only part of the application that the student has control over. It can often “make or break” an application. Our essay services include:

  • Brainstorming with student on essay topics.
  • Discussing essay focus and draft creation.
  • Editing, formatting and finalizing essays.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Investigation

This is the most important aspect of the process for many families. Our comprehensive services in this area include:

  • Discussion and assistance with the completion of the CSS/Profile and FAFSA forms (if applicable).
  • Advice on government/private loan programs.
  • Helping locate appropriate scholarship applications.
  • Assisting with scholarship applications, essays, letters, and interview preparation.
  • We will make a final determination on which applications to complete.
  • Keep student/parents apprised of important deadlines.

Application Building

It is essential that college applications be completed accurately. The application is a direct reflection of the student. We assist students by:

  • Reviewing admission applications and helping to complete them.
  • Helping student to create concise and confident short answer essays.
  • Preparing hard copy applications before completing the final application on-line.
  • Assisting with follow-up.

Applications Results

We will review with the student and parents all results from colleges. We will evaluate offers of institutional aid and other factors and make “value comparisons” of individual packages.

Counseling and Advice

Our packages are all-inclusive. Families can rest assured that the process is under control and their student is prepared. We greatly reduce the stress of this experience. Some of the topics and issues we cover:

  • We compare student’s and parents’ expectations.
  • We encourage and facilitate communication about these expectations.
  • We advise students and parents to maximize college visits.
  • We coach students on interview techniques.
  • We advise on choices and requests for letters of recommendation.
  • We offer family workshops on stress management and conflict resolution.

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